nope not dead no


I’ve been gone for the longest time with nothing but the ‘hello’ post on this page. You see, what happened was

  • I got a corporate job 6 months ago.
  • I will be leaving the same corporate job in approximately 13 days.

and nothing remotely fun happened in that 6 months. My camera lay untouched for weeks, my hiking boots started to peel, bucket list items for the first quarter of the year remain unticked and my skin actually got fairer.


like every other young adult (I assume) who was suddenly thrust into the real world from the (comparatively) safe arms of the university and liberal arts education, I learned a lot of things; one of the most important ones perhaps is that one can only survive without a creative outlet for so long.

So yeah, the hippie in a pixie is back.

And I can’t wait to share stories and friendships with you.




My name is Daniella and I am never not happy and kind. Today I officially begin my journey as an online story-teller. In this blog you will find adventures (both near and far), photographs, poetry, musings,Β and attempts at art.

If this is the only post you see so far, please come back soon, I’m still working on the whole shebang.

If you see other posts and you’ve reached back this far in reading, let’s be friends.

I wish you a fantastic day!